New on February 2015

The Cyber-wrt version embedded on RT-N16 is no longer maintained.
NEW version is for last ASUS RT-AC56U or all router with last Broadcom ARM cortex processor 47XX family

With this powerful processor Cyber-wrt offer same features as server version
- Great PBX, Great Hotel PBX features and interface, Strong and reliable captive portal for WiFi controle
  also unlike the previous version it have G729 translation capacity.

It include also all last functions as Captive portal customisation and Language selection on checkin for voices.

New feature January 2015

On System configuration you can find new features

- First change is to upload and change Logos both for invoice and for the GUI.

- Second change
As you Know Cyberhotel include a captive portal for WIfi access controle.
You can now change and upload from System configuration top logo and link logo
You can also Customise what you display or no
Your Town name
Point of interest link
Events link
Social media links
Your Booking or website link

cyber hotel captive portal configuration

All changes will change the portal page.