Several versions are available, please select what you need


1 - Freepbx 2.11 plugin version for Asterisk 1.8 or 11

English  Installation Instructions        --  English Advanced user guide

Instructions Installation Francais        --  Guide Utilisateur Avance Francais

  You will  get full Cyberhotel version including captive portal with temporary license


2 - Debian 7 desktop OS Asterisk 1.8

This version is a full Mate/gnome desktop including office tools and also Cyberhotel full features
you can also use it as server only. 

French version download         ---        French version MD5

English version download         ---        English version MD5

Default passwords root / comdif and for user cyber / cyber, change it after install.


3 - Debian server Asterisk 1.8 with Dahdi

This version is a full Cyberhotel with preloaded drivers to use asterisk cards


4 - Cyber-wrt

This version is a full embedded Cyberhotel distro for ASUS RT-AC56U router.
Download Instructions