2017 Raspberry PI3 version ready for downloading




Cyberhotel What is it?

Cyberhotel is a Hospitality system able to work on diffents hardware:

- On a basic computer with two network cards

- On a Broadcom router like Asus

- On a Remote Linux server

- On a virtual machine on a Windows computer.

- On a Raspberry PI 3.

What it do ?

Cyberhotel is a telecom server PBX able to offer usual PBX
features and also an Hotel PBX with dedicated functions as
Check-in / Check-out, billing, housekeeping, wake-up,..

It have very originals and advanced functions like exclusive door entry system features compatible with affordable hardware and an exclusive system to call directly each room with just one general phone number.

And more ?

Cyberhotel also offer a Wifi controle system hotspot
on check-in you get both phone and wifi access !

How it work ?

Connect the web interface and use the  very nice dynamic Gui, it offer all functions you need and is very easy to use without any skills.

who can maintain, program my system ?

Except the Asus router version, Cyberhotel work on Freepbx environment which is the most popular PBX in the world ...